Published Poetry


Sheer, Mirror Dance, Summer 2017

Fallers, Rattle, 56 (Summer 2017)

The Well, Liminality, 11

The Dig, Through the Gate, January 6th 2017


headache (hoofbeats), Butcher’s Dog, 8

The Trade, The Stinging Fly, Issue 35 Volume 2: Fear and Fantasy

Exploding Head Manifesto, Cordite Poetry Review, 80: Explode

But after, Eye to the Telescope, 22

A Spell a Day, Kaleidotrope, Autumn 2016
— included in Michael Matheson’s Recommended Reading for 2016

The Ritual, Liminality, 9

Thy will be done, Cordite Poetry Review, 55: Future Machines

Paperback Spells, Eunoia Review, April 17th

The weatherperson’s partner, Eunoia Review, April 16th

Faith, Liminality, 7

The Muse of Cuts, Mirror Dance, Spring 2016

The Reckoning, Eye to the Telescope, 19

Not Even Cursed, Kaleidotrope, Winter 2016


The Hoard-Stealers’ Ball, Mirror Dance, Autumn 2015

The Hero’s Journey, Liminality, 4

I have heard the Martians singing, Eye to the Telescope, 16

The Field, Not One of Us, 53

Anymore, The Interpreter’s House, 58

The Engineer, The Interpreter’s House, 58